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 Spud Forums at the Internet Wayback Machine

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PostSubject: Spud Forums at the Internet Wayback Machine   Thu Jul 04, 2013 5:25 pm

Spud Forums has had 7 snapshots taken of its homepage on the Wayback Machine. Although since its first snapshot it doesn't look quite different, you may notice different users and different colours! The first snapshot is the best, so be sure to look at that one... Christmas of 2010! I wish you guys could see what SF looked like during it's Alpha Stage, but this is good enough for now:


I will list the snapshots here for your convenience as well:

Christmas 2010:

February 2011:

April 2011:

March 2012:

January 2013:

April 2013:

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Spud Forums at the Internet Wayback Machine
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