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 Forum Rules

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Head Admin

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon Sep 27, 2010 6:11 pm

These rules were created by scratch from b@by*G and the rest of the JV team. I have edited them, to fit in with our forum respectively, NO PLAGIARISM was used, I give 100% credit to b@by*G.

b@by*G wrote:
The following are rules that are required by all members and all staff members to be followed. If these rules are not to be followed, consequences will follow.

The act of banning: All moderators have their own personal way of dealing with problems; this is just a small outline on what the banning process is like.

Warnings: Warnings are used for small offenses; Warnings will either be verbal, or a physical warning.

Infractions: The first step in a serious offense, infractions will be given at moderator’s digression. How ever the punishment feels the crime.

Ban: The last step in the banning process. When a member has reached this final step, they will be banned based on offense (Punishment fitting the crime is at the moderator’s choice.) When arriving back from banishment, if the user continues to break the rules they will be banned for the next interval of ban length, and so on up to Permanent Banishment.

· Swearing/Racism
· Flaming
· Spamming
· Inappropriate images/words
· Malicious links/Advertising
· Alternate accounts
· Ban evasion
· Asking to be folded for
· Other
· Minor Things
· Avatar/Sig rules
b@by*G wrote:
1.Swearing/Racism [Infraction]

Do not swear, do not avoid the filter, and do not swear at other people (even if filtered). Do not post images with swears in them. Do not be racist to people. Do not post Racist symbols/images/speeches etc

Swearing is left up to moderator’s discretion; Punishments for swearing can range up to but are not limited to: Warnings, Infractions, and Banishment
b@by*G wrote:
2.Flaming [Infraction]

Do not flame other members, and deliberately start fights (Blatant Instigation). Do not make fun of other members, because of what they do or say (Respect people, religions and posts). This includes blogs and threads. Debating is fine, but personal attacks are not allowed (This includes beliefs as well as people)

Flaming is left up to moderators discretion as to what is Flaming and what is not; Punishments for Flaming can range up to but are not limited to: Warnings, Infractions, And Banishment.
b@by*G wrote:
3.Spamming [Warning]

Do not spam needlessly. Spamming includes, but is not limited to:

o Posting off topic comments
o Posting lines of useless messages
o Leaving huge blank spaces
o Posting short messages repeatedly (Like okay, yes, lol, etc) continuously
o Repeated pointless threads
o Spamming threads (even in garden games)
o Spamming blogs

Spam messages will be deleted, and punishment for spamming varies and is at moderator’s choice.
b@by*G wrote:
4. Inappropriate images [Infraction]

Do not include sexual/vulgar content in images, avatar/sigs or words. This includes implicit messages, sexual messages and sexual innuendo. Please do not quote messages with inappropriate pictures or post; It's much harder for a mod to delete many posts than just the original bad one.

Punishments range up to but are not limited to: Warning and Infraction.
b@by*G wrote:
5. Malicious Links/Advertising[Infraction]

Do not post rick rolls, or any other malicious links, in signatures or in posts. Advertising is allowed, but you are not allowed to spam your advertisement. If your site may lead to another page/site that contains pornographic/vulgar material, Please add a warning to your post.

Punishments can range up to but are not limited to: Warning, Infraction, and Ban
b@by*G wrote:
6. Alternate accounts [Infraction]

Unless you ask permission from a moderator [In the case you have a sibling, or you want a fresh start], you are not allowed to make alternate accounts! You will be infracted on both accounts, and you will be banned if you continue to use both accounts. If you use alts without permission for personal gain [thanks or conquest etc], your infraction will be more serious.
b@by*G wrote:
7. Ban evasion[Ban]

You are not allowed to ban evade; This also includes posting through guest account. (If you’re banned we don’t want you to post for a reason. Your ban time will be doubled. No excuses. If you don't want to be banned for so long, DONT DO IT.

Ban evading accounts will not be unbanned. (If you want your current account to be switched to a banned ban evading account, ask a moderator in private.)

Messages from Banned members will be deleted along with links and chats.
b@by*G wrote:

Asking for password:

Do not ask for peoples passwords, if there is proof of password asking, user will be Infracted or ban (Moderators choice)

Bullying [Infraction]:

As mentioned before, if you gang up on other members, and mock them, you will be infracted. This is considered harassment

Teaching people how to hack [Infraction]

Do not teach other people how to hack. This includes discussions about downloading music, cheating on other sites, pr2 etc. illegally from the internet. You will be infracted. If you do not remove the guide, you will be banned.

Trolling [Infraction]:

Do not troll, you will be infracted, and then banned.

Trolling is up to moderators as to what is and what is not trolling.

Posting Other people's personal information [Warning]:

Do not post other people's IP addresses, real names, addresses etc, unless they have stated you may.
b@by*G wrote:
9. Minor things

Do not post threads discussing moderator actions.

P.m any concerns to a Super Moderator.

Do not post threads saying 'He did this'.

Private message these concerns to a moderator.

Do not have off topic conversations with each other in threads.

Use Visitor messages for this.
b@by*G wrote:
10. Sig/Avatar/User title rules

*No rude images (Sexual or swearing) allowed.
*No rude words (Sexual or swearing) allowed.
*No Malicious links (Including rick rolls)


Moderators, may at their discretion, edit or remove that are considered to be the following:
-purposefully disruptive
-encouraging crime
-encouraging suicide
-carrying on an *Closed thread* argument in a new thread

World Forum
This forum is a world forum, so members should respect each others religious and cultural differences. There should be no racial or homophobic attacks.

Personal information
A post should not include personal information about another member without their consent.

A poll or post that favors one member/moderator/admin over another should not be posted. The thread will be locked, unless it is the case of a competition (Mr. /s SF etc).
b@by*G wrote:
Anything that is not stated in the rules, maybe added later in time, but until that time, everything outside of the rules will be/is/will always be up to the moderators.
Moderators were put in place to use their best judgment and to make sure everyone is following the rules…Trust that they will make the right decision.
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules   Mon Feb 14, 2011 10:12 pm

Locking before someone rants that Lucas copied b@by*G... :s
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Forum Rules
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