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Pet Shop

Welcome to the newly improved Spud Forums Pet Shop! This new page has been created for a much more organized storage for all pets. From now on, all pets have been moved here, and this page will be used for the Pet Shop.

The new pet system isn't much different from the first. You visit this page, view the pet shop, but since this isn't a thread any more, you type in your Order Form in the original thread. This is how it works, if you have the amount of points, and you want a pet, fill out the order form in the old Pet Shop thread which has been renamed "Pet Order Forms" (Link Here) and an Admin will serve you as soon as possible , NOT A MODERATOR! Only admins can give pets to people. Your points will subtract when you purchase a pet. Once you reach 0, you cannot purchase any more pets (Obviously) Have fun with your pets!

Chick Chick 50 Experience Points
Mouse Mouse 50 Experience Points
Small Yellow Fish Small Yellow Fish 50 Experience Points
Cat Cat 100 Experience Points
Dog Dog 100 Experience Points
Turtle Turtle 100 Experience Points
Fox Fox 150 Experience Points
Barn Owl Barn Owl 150 Experience Points
Angel Fish Angel Fish 150 Experience Points
Golden Angel Fish Golden Angel Fish 150 Experience Points
Giant Panda Giant Panda 200 Experience Points

Asian Dragon 200 Experience Points

Shark 275 Experience Points
Royal Blue Bird Blue Bird 1000 Experience Points

Pet Voucher Prize Only
Is eligible for any pet in the shop!